Semi-Commercial Term Lending

Semi-commercial property in London

Case Overview

An existing developer client of ours, who we procured development finance for a semi-commercial scheme in South  West London, asked us to arrange a long term commercial mortgage so as to repay the development lender.  


The hurdle that needed to be overcome was that the client wanted 70% loan to value, so as to redeploy some capital, however the debt service cover ratio (affordability calculation) didn’t support this level of gearing based on published rates/pricing.


Facility provided: We secured a lower bespoke pricing from a Challenger Bank on a 5yr fixed rate, so that the affordability calculation was improved and could subsequently support the level of debt/gearing sought.  Pricing offered at 4.55% per annum which was fixed for 5 years on an interest only basis and subject to a 2% lender facility fee. 

Montpelier Private Finance has full market access meaning that we are able to procure funding for a wide variety of funding requirements including complex cases.  Get in touch if you have a case you wish to discuss.  

Commercial Mortgages Funding Solutions

  • HMO mortgages (both small (<6 people) & large with no maximum

  • Multi Unit Block mortgages

  • Buy-To-Let mortgages

  • Semi-Commercial and Commercial mortgages

  • Commercial Owner Occupied mortgages

  • Portfolio mortgages

  • Interest only available up to 85% LTV for residential investment assets

  • Interest only available up to 75% LTV for semi-commercial and commercial assets

  • 100% LTV available with additional assets

  • No maximum loan

  • Personal, company, trust, offshore, domicile and non-domicile options available