Development Finance At 90% LTC With No PG's


Case Overview

We were approached by a potential client, who was looking to acquire an agricultural building with consent to convert into three family dwellings.  The client had been let down by the previous two lenders, to whom an application was made, following the introduction by his then current broker.  Montpelier Private Finance stepped in and having fully assessed the clients wants and needs, it became evident that any potential lender who’d ask for a limited/full personal guarantee, simply wouldn’t achieve the comfort required.   We therefore focussed our efforts on a lender who offered the 90% loan to cost sought and equally as important, one who did not have a requirement for a personal guarantee.  The clients needs were met with funding being successfully procured.

Montpelier Private Finance has full market access meaning that we are able to procure funding for a wide variety of funding requirements including complex cases.  Get in touch if you have a case you wish to discuss.  


PBSA Funding Solutions

  • Funding available for both direct lets and nomination agreements

  • Preferred terms for Russell Group locations

  • Standard construction and modular propositions welcome

  • 90% LTC stretched senior debt funding / 75% Loan to Gross Development Value (LTGDV) (lower there of); keeping the transaction a pure debt proposition, rather than give away equity/profit share

  • Mezzanine finance up to 75% LTGDV

  • Hybrid mezzanine/equity finance for higher LTC's

  • Joint venture/equity to sit on top of senior debt

  • Commercial term exit lending for completed schemes

  • No maximum loan